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Where’s my check?

The first stimulus package came under the Cares Act which the stimulus checks were released in April of this year. Now there is a new bill called the Heroes Act.

This bill which is similar to Cares Act which includes unemployment, stops evictions, student loan relief and of course the second stimulus check. The House of Representatives passed this law however the Senate was against it. They have to come to an agreement for the stimulus checks to be approved. Many people are still not working, may not have food to eat and fighting to keep their property. This virus has made our world have a “new normal” which I feel everyone is still adjusting to. 

From my research, the second stimulus looks like it coming however no knows when it’s actually scheduled. The House and Senate are adjourned until  after Labor Day, which includes the new stimulus package to vote on. They are trying to reduce the money to 1 trillion verses 3 trillion which what they asked for originally.  This is still uncertain though, “if” they actually signed the bill. “If” the senate and house pass the bill and the president signs the bill, checks could come between September 21-28. So all we could do is wait and find out. Hopefully they would follow through.

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