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What's next?

Our deadline for social distancing was April 30 for Michigan by Governor Gretchen. However there was an extension to May 15. It was said some restrictions have been loosen. I know I can go visit family members however I can't hug them. I use to rub elbows like a way of saying "what's up" but now that's even forbidden. Major stores and malls are still closed. As a entrepreneur, resources have been small. Thinking outside of the box, can only solve some of these problems. Everything has became virtual, zoom, Instagram lives, facebook lives is what I see when I'm scrolling or posting. So is online activity becoming the new norm? Face-to-face contact is a luxury, the well can afford. So my next question is on May 15, will there be another extension or can Michigan can start having there economy back up and running?

The next question is , will there be actual testing for COVID-19? We could have a more actuate number if they did this before. Another question to think about, will they actually find a cure? For now stay healthy and wear your face mask.

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