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Wendy Williams Ain’t "No" Catch?!

TV host Wendy Williams has found herself newly single after learning her former husband had a "random baby", the words Wendy used when describing Nick Cannon's youngest son.

Anywho, Wendy has openly discussed her interest in getting remarried. Williams has stated on several occasions that she is, "a wife not a girlfriend."

Unfortunately for her, it is slim picking in the dating world, especially for a ackwordly shaped, loud mouth, with a bad weave that wants a man financially equal.

The truth is, Wendy's options are simple. The only way Wendy will remarry is if the man is an older settled white business man or an older black man with limited funds but doing okay for himself. The last and final option is getting younger man, who happens to be down on his luck that needs a sugar mama.

There I said it, I like Wendy (sometimes), however the truth hurts, and this looks pretty painful🤷🏽‍♀️

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