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We Need Poetry in Our Modern World

Poetry supports and challenges us. It's on this line we live our best lives.

Poetry addresses they Why's.

I reach out time and time again during times of crisis for poetry. Or more often, the poem I need to read has a knack for finding me.

We're in a time of crisis. You all know- you've seen the news. Racism is like a Hydra- each time we cut away one head, another two grows in its place. There's a treasure of verse by writers from every walk of life, culture, country. The hubris of poetry challenges cognitive dissonance- it recognizes the connection between the reader and the poet. The poet says: here is my heart, here is the source of my spirit, see how human.

It feels like we're losing cohesion, or we've stepped into an alternate reality that's left us exposed, hurt, and really angry.

A great poem tells us why we have to carry on anyway. It reminds us there are beautiful things, it reminds us we are more than walking meat bags.

Poetry reminds us that our spirit and our humanness exist, belong to us, and these are things we can claim again and again.

Poems are a prayer. Poems cast spells and help us find a way to slay our demons.

There's an App for That

Poetry is only a few swipes away. There are dozens of apps, podcasts, mailing lists, and sites that make it easy for anyone to test the waters. Your local cafe or brewery might offer open mic poetry nights, or catch slam poetry on Youtube (seriously, there is greatness there). Young poets like Rupi Kauer are hitting the bestsellers list for good reason.

It's art.

And a doorway to your creative self.

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