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Two Cheaters Claim Black Men Don’t Cheat🧐🧐

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Radio personalities Charlemagne and DJ Envy decided to tackle the uncomplicated issue of cheating in the black community. Both men, who have openly confessed to cheating on their spouses, refused to ACKNOWLEDGE most black men cheat.

Unfortunately for them, the mere fact that they both cheated not once, but several times, only supports the fact that most black men cheat. Look, I wish that things were different, but they aren't.

Black men have been taught to sleep with whoever they can through music and old heads.

Sure, not all black men cheat, but I guarantee damn near 95% have cheated and continue to cheat.

Hey, I’m glad Charlemagne and DJ Envy changed their cheating ways, however it doesn’t change the fact that they cheated. No matter what their excuse is today. So imma need both of you negroes to take several seats before y’all pretend to be outraged by the narrative you all have helped create🤷🏽‍♀️

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