Three-week pause extended to save lives

As bears hibernate for the winter, gathering everything they need in the spring, I felt that was how the pandemic has everyone. When the three-week pause started in Michigan, toilet paper started slowly disappearing in stores. Humans begin to hibernate like animals staying stuck indoors for months at a time (this time just three weeks). As soon as there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, these three weeks have extended until December 20th which is just 5 days before Christmas.

The perks for the restaurants at this time is the taxes are being waived for this month until January due to indoor dining closed due to coronavirus. The restaurants are suffering tremendously losing $8 billion in sales and layoffs. Outdoor dining, carry-out, and delivery are still available at restaurants. The suspension of in-person high schools, colleges, and universities has extended to December 20 as well. Group exercise classes, movie theaters, and casinos are still closed as well.

This three-week pause was put in place to save lives. I couldn’t imagine half of the world or even half of Michigan dying from coronavirus. There are many people's lives at stake. Many people are extremely upset about this pause but I wondered how things would have been if we didn’t shut down at all. The priority is people and health first. The economy has been suffering from this however many are looking for funding from the government to fill the gaps. This whole year the whole world was in an emergency global pandemic. The governor mentioned vaccines were coming in late spring of next year.

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