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The State of being black in America

We may be reopening however, many may stay home. Being black right now, may not be safe. The slogans on shirts, " I can't breathe", Stop killing us, and Black Lives Matters is not a trend but a cry for our lives. It's bad we are facing racism however we don't love ourselves so black on black crime exist, sex trafficking, domestic violence within black relationships and rape.

It's a shame that most blacks don't know their rights and freedom. Most blacks don't even know what Juneteenth is. If we don't know our history, we will repeat it.

After watching Harriet and Malcolm X, there were extreme contrasts. In Harriet, the black people united together for their freedom. Harriet died at an old age. In Malcolm X, his own brothers in his religion was jealous of him as he rose as a leader of the nation of Islam. He was killed by a black man at his own meeting at the age of 39. Malcolm X wanted to unite blacks and stop the killing of black people. It's 2020, I feel we are fighting the same fight. Racism was more in your face, now it's subtle.

I was so focused on the Coronavirus, that when racism started rising, I was caught off guard.

New leaders are rising for the fight for freedom and justice. I just hope they won't get shot for it.

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