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The Signature: Filling your Wardrobe

If you are like me, you have too many clothes to count for. In my room, clothes are literally spilling out of my closet, and stuffed in every place imaginable! I even got to the point where I had to start putting clothes in plastic pins. Literally, I could open a boutique!

I have always been a hoarder. I have my dad's genes I guess; yesterday's old concert ticket may be tomorrow's treasure! Marie Kondo would be horrified.

When I went to college my freshman year at Colorado State University, my parents and I made many rounds unloading stuff into my dorm. Making matters worse, I lived on the 12th floor! Oh yeah...they were pretty pissed.

My sophomore year of college, I lived in an apartment with three other friends. A friend from high school and two friends I picked up my freshman year from the dorms.

I began to notice (living with other girls my age) how sparse my best friend's wardrobe was. And yet, she looked cute, like every day. But she wore the same four outfits throughout Winter.

I went shopping a lot with another friend from college when she would stay with my family over the weekend or during breaks, and noticed the same thing. I would laugh at her because she'd throw down like 100 dollars on a dress or a pair of heels. But guess what...she got better use out of that one pair of shoes than I did out of the 15 cheap, ok-looking items I bought on the same day! This was a trend I started to notice in a handful of friends. This was around the time I began to ruminate on what I called in the head "the signature." Marie out lol!

A signature is a piece of clothing (or accessory) which is well-made, more expensive and never on the sales rack! Sounds like a rip-off, right? I tried shopping this way, and guess what...I will never go back!

The flip side of "the signature" is that is fits like a glove, looks great on and is super stylish. Still debating in your head whether this sounds like a scam? Let me indulge you more.

Every season, have like 15 outfits that look stunning and work everyday. No more guessing game! At the end of the season...and this will sound crazy...GET RID OF THEM! Give them away to Goodwill. The next season, get fewer but more solid items. I know, for us hoarders this sounds scary. You might be asking yourself, "but if I get rid of all my summer clothes, what will I wear next summer?"

The simple (and from some us truly scary answer, we're really not kidding) is to go shopping again next summer (don't buy summer clothes in November to "be prepared," you are ruining the secret!) No one wants to walk around in rags! People, we live in the 21st century!

But it's sounding like you're wasting money, time and hurting the environment more, right? Ask yourself this, really quickly then. Would you rather wear a really cute top, or the pack of 15 plain colored tee's you got from Walmart? But the cute tee will get ruined quickly right? That's my point exactly. Wear that perfect pair of jeans religiously until it wears out, and then trash it and go buy a new pair of jeans. Wait until the math adds up! One expensive pair of jeans in your closet (that you actually WANT to wear) versus 5 cheap pairs. This way of shopping has literally saved my life! I really did notice a change in my bank account, too!

Sounds too good to be true?

So, where do you find a signature? Typically, they are found at the front of stores or an display. Think about it. You can walk out with the one item of today's trendiest fashions, or 6 items you found on the sales rack at the back of the store. Chances are, those sale items were also handled and picked up like a trillion times.

And I'm not necessarily saying to avoid sales racks either! Just make sure you buy clothes and shoes that really scream "YOU" and not something you only sorta like, but it's a good deal. Is it? Cause you won't feel like a million bucks walking around in them. And thus, you'll never wear it! We all have that jacket that sits in our closet for like ten years, you wear it once and give it away. The reason that happens is that you don't feel comfortable wearing it.

Say you do end up at the back of the store at the sales rack. You find five items: an ice-pick shirt, a mustard-yellow sweat, a turquoise tank and a plain-white tee. My best suggestion is ask yourself, what is my favorite color and style. I love ice-pink, so that is a go! Also ask yourself, does that match my wardrobe and would look good with my other clothes? Trust won't be guilt-tripping yourself on the drive home!

As Marie would say "does it spark joy?" As much as we laugh at that, she might have a really good point. If you wear something once, and hate it, chances are you'll hate it the very next time you put it on.

If you are a fashionista (like me), just try shopping and planning this way (even if only once). It is great way to save time, money, save the environment and always look your best!

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