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The 2020 Democratic field: Capitalists Vs. Socialists

Many people have announced their candidacy for the 2020 election. Its clear that the Democrats are not the party of JFK, Truman, or even Bill Clinton at this point because there is a clear divide between moderates and socialists. The Democratic Congress has pushed as far left as possible, especially under the direction of Ilahn Omar, and Osacio Cortez who have gained influence within the party. Despite the obvious ideological differences between Democrats at this point they all are unified by one thing: their intense hatred for the Commander-In-Chief. This hatred often clouds their judgment and prevents them from getting anything consequential done. But despite sharing disapproval for Trump each candidate has a different way of reacting to him. Among those who have announced their candidacy, the list include socialists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to capitalists like Michael Bloomberg. I think its inevitable that there will be a lot of hostility between candidates now that one of America's most successful entrepreneur's is running against socialists who want to spread the wealth around. The fact that capitalist and socialists are fighting for the party's nomination proves that there is a lot of turmoil inside the Democratic party. It also proves that there is no clear direction for the party as you see a lot of in-fighting between the more fiscally conservative candidates and the socialists. It is clear that the current candidates are fighting among each other for the soul of the Democratic party. The same Democratic party who just ten years ago was unified by Obama.

At this point the party doesn't seem to have a leader like Obama anymore, and are instead driven by their single minded desire to destroy Trump, which as of now has been pretty unsuccessful. There isn't much talk of policy at this point among Democrats, they just brag about how they are everything that Trump isn't. Because of Trump's entry into politics the Democrats are more divided than ever and butting heads with each other, without a clear leader unifying the party going into 2020. Biden is the closest thing they have to a leader and even he has some drawbacks as a candidate. I think one strategy that would work for the Democrats is to campaign on the issues and not campaign on their frustration with Trump. Instead of focusing on what you despise about Trump why not try to persuade Americans about why electing a Democrat would help the economy, trade deals, and secure borders. The reason why the Democratic Presidential field is in trouble is because they are running against someone who has a good economy. He may be brash, obnoxious, and lack the charisma of some of his challengers, but no long-term damage has occurred from his administration especially if were talking about the economy. I understand that Trump is not the most articulate or well refined candidate, but I'd ask the Democrats going forward to debate about the issues as opposed to mercilessly attacking a man who can at least run a competent economy.

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