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Room 304

It was around Valentine’s Day 2007 when everything went dark. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. People are good at putting on facades like everything is okay. All I know is they seemed happy but apparently I was wrong.

I had just seen this beautiful couple the night before things went bad. They had just come back from going out for Valentine’s and headed to their room. I never heard them argue or anything of the sort but things didn’t go right once they got there.

I came to work the next morning and made my housekeeping boards as usual. One of my housekeepers came back down to tell me that there was a lady in her room unconscious. While this was happening, the police called to tell me that someone tipped them off about a possible murder at my hotel, started asking me questions and soon enough there were squad cars pulling in the parking lot. Once off the phone, the police proceeded to the room and found that the young lady was in fact dead. She was strangled to death and by her boyfriend. From what I gathered, they got into an argument over her dating his brother while he was in jail for drugs. No man wants to hear this information and there are different ways to approach the situation, but in this case he landed himself back in jail; FOR LIFE. He was the one that confessed to his sister as to what he had done which led to the investigation at the property. The police were there from sunrise to sunset putting the pieces together. I’ve never witnessed anything like this in my life.

Ladies, please be careful of your behavior. Nothing and no one is worth losing your life over. We have got to learn to make wiser decisions and learn how to control our tempers. Avoid the warning signs of abuse at all costs. This is an example of crime of passion.

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