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Reopening Michigan

This past year has been tough. Masks were introduced to society, new terms like social distancing became our “ new normal”. The world was in a pandemic. The world around us started changing. Slowly every country, state, city, and region worldwide stays home and stays safe to stop the virus from spreading. Many schools, jobs even churches shut down due to this pandemic. A year of barely seeing or spending time with your loved ones and friends. Major holidays passed and most people video chatted over the phone to their families. Churches opened with drive-thru service momentarily.

Finally, several states, countries, regions, cities around the world reopen their doors back to the public and back to their normal lives. Michigan reopened June 21, 2021, by the authority of Governor Whitmer. She is actually a week early. The reopen was expected for July 1st. Whitmer even lifted all the restrictions that were placed on basically everything. No more social distancing, wear masks all day and gather with as many people as you like. Like most people, I have not seen my extended family or friends in a while so I probably will start there.

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