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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Made in Secret Lab?

The Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is causing quite a stir. The chicken franchise released a chicken sandwich a few weeks ago and all hell broke loose. Causing chicken addicts to assault, attack, and maim workers across the country.

Popeyes claimed the sandwiches were set to last until September and to my knowledge, they haven’t released a new date for the possibly CRACKED laced sandwiches.

My question is, why in the heck hasn’t anyone asked the million dollar question? Where the hell are these sandwiches coming from?

I mean, are these sandwiches imported through the Underground Railroad? Or maybe they are breeding the chickens and buns in a secret lab halfway across the world.

Hell, I thought it was easy to season some chicken and throw it in the deep fryer. Maybe I’m missing something.

What scares me the most is, this chicken may not be REAL chicken. Explain to me how a franchise of that size, who specialize in chicken, can’t produce a piece of chicken in a bun.

Popeyes is losing out on millions of dollars, all because they can’t find the right buns?

Hmmm something in the grease AIN’T smelling too clean. Y’all better stay WOKE🤷🏽‍♀️

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