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“Return to the Earth a child that is hers.” Quoted by the Chief of the Iroquois upon the burial of the dead, it is rarely a fact that meets the eye of most people as exploitation of natural awareness for materialistic causes continues. We often cease to realize just how important our mothers are until they are gone. That’s the reason we call it Mother Nature!

But in this day and year, we won’t repeat the past’s mistakes building the future. Now, an era of appreciation to nature is born. We are using natural products to decorate our homes and even our necks, ears and wrists. Say no to mass production taking its advantages for granted. Yes is what it says to too much waste and too much off-signing of basic responsibilities.

A la mode are seaweed necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Butterfly vases and jewel beetled Fabergés are in. But, should organic be exploited? Should we once we’ve used eco-friendly products worry? Plastics will no longer be included in fashion wheels. What we use are eco-friendly products OUT of nature not WITHOUT it. This resonates with the risk of another crisis running once again, this time consuming up all of the natural body in it. The climate change we see now will be all over but a new change will be seen. Waste needs to occur but simultaneous with our control over it.

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