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Monday’s 😝

Good Morning!

Ugh! Monday...I’m not sure about you, but most of the time...Monday’s just suck! Especially when you’re a Customer Service Rep! And this week...I’ve volunteered to work three 12hr days, one 8hr day, one 6hr day annnd another Saturday 😭😝what was I thinking?

And Monday begins with coming down the steps to see two...not one but two freakin clothes baskets of clothes that need folded 😒annnd a sink full of dirty dishes....great...I can see how this week is going to go!

Seriously though! old kids didn’t do this..a “grown ass man” did this, well didn’t do this. It’s not like he got done working out and went right to bed. He was up eating his dinner,watching TV and getting his crap around for the week. Unbelievable! Is it me or is this just ridiculous?’s only 6:15am and I’m on a rant! Look out😎🤪🤨

And another thing!!! Hahaha...not household chores related...I got my hair cut kind of short back in January & here it is July...and it’s only grown a few inches, if that 😡I swear it’s never going to grow back out, I don’t want to cut it at all anymore because there are wayyyy too many grays😖😢I feel like I’m just falling apart!

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