Marlon Wayans Needs His A$$ Whipped

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of bad movies. However, ”Sextuplets“ starring Marlon Wayans, is the worst movie ever made by a black man. I’m not sure who read this script and okay’d it for production. But, I do know, whoever it was, should be fired and banned from ever making an executive decision again.

Stevie Wonder could see this movie was bound for “Flopsville”. Marlon not only attempted to copy the entire Nutty Professor concept with dumb characters and questionable acting (most played by him😩😩)he helped set the black race back 50 years just by releasing this film.

I know giving a movie like this any attention only adds to curiosity.

But, just imagine Michael Jackson playing Denzel Washington’s role in Training Day. It sounds ridiculous, right? Yep, everything about this movie is wrong and I want all of my time back🤬🤬🤬

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