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Malik Yoba Transitioning into Woman?

Years ago, the world watched Bruce Jenner transition into Caitlyn Jenner. Speculation of a sex change were running through the rumor mill as the Jenner/Kardashian family attempted to deny the rumors were true.

Fast forward to 2019, actor Malik Yoba comes out and admits to having “relationships” with transgender females. Prior to this revelation, Malik appeared in a video dressed in drag. Is Malik Yoba preparing the world to be the first black male actor to transition into a female? Celebrities across the entertainment industry have stated Malik’s unique sexual preference isn’t a Hollywood secret. So many wonder, why now is the actor coming CLEAN?

Yoba claimed a video of a man being bully for being with a transgender female, made him want to come forward. However, we believe something a little more self serving is his reasoning.

Whatever his reason, we hope the actor finally decides to live his truth.

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