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Just Because I Say No Now, Doesn't Mean I Won't Say Yes Later

Okay listen, I’m all for running a business and making money, BUT, if I tell you not at this time, don’t start giving me all this advice about what I can do and how it will benefit me. THIS is why I am NOT a fan of commission-based sales. I HATE pushy people. PERIOD. Let me make a decision based on what I can and cannot do with MY hard-earned money. Sorry if I offend some people, but this is my site and I am able to voice my opinion on how I feel about any and every thing.

Multi-Level Marketing

I despise MLM. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s a way to make money off recruiting other people if they make sales under you. So not only do you make a profit off the clients you sign up for your products, you also make a commission from whatever sales your protege’s make. I almost did this a few times but like I stated earlier: I HATE PUSHY PEOPLE so how am I going to be a hypocrite? I don’t mind buying the products if they’re beneficial but I’m not about forcing anybody to do something they don’t want to. To me that’s scamming and there’s a big difference between persuading and coercing.

I’m Not Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Some of these companies, brands, products, etc. have the wrong people in the business. Those kind of people need to be the pushy sales people I mentioned above. If I’m interested in something that can make me a profit in the end, then when I have the funds to make an investment, I will do so. For someone to tell me that I can borrow the money from somebody else or sell some things that I no longer need or use because other clients have done these things is pure absurdity. True that my ROI (return on investment) will overflow the amount that I invest but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to go broke trying. And plus, there’s no guarantee that I will make that money back that soon. Everything takes time when it comes to money making and profitability.

If you’re a really good and natural salesperson, then when someone turns you down, you should just chalk it up as a loss…..possibly. Just give that potential client/protege’ a business card and if your business is what they are really interested in learning more about, then they will most definitely reach out to you, on their terms. Business should not have to be forced; your persona, your natural attraction to people, and your product should speak volumes itself.

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