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Jacquees The King Of Comedy🤣🤣

R&B singer Jacquees continues to promote himself as the King of R&B. Which is quite amusing if I say so myself.

First off, I couldn’t find one song made by Jacquees that was number 1 on any music charts.

Second, Jacquees has an impressive 4.5 million followers on IG. That’s only 54 million less than Chris Brown and about 6.5 million less than Trey Songz. Now, I’m not the smartest fifth grader in the classroom, but those numbers don’t scream “king material” if you ask me.

Hey, I guess if you believe it, you could achieve it. Hell, imma say I’m the queen of media, only thing is🤔🤔🤔y’all don’t know it yet😳

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