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I've Been Robbed Again, But This Time I'm Pregnant

Okay, I know you guys are probably thinking “girl get out of this field” LOL. I was thinking the same at one point, especially after this last incident. I was terrified and never wanted to come back to this hotel ever again but I had to because there were no other hotels hiring at the time.

It was July 30, 2007, my uncle’s birthday, and it was hot as hell. I was almost 8 months pregnant with my oldest child and chilling at work. Had just got through talking to some guests and next thing you know this guy comes in with a wife-beater on, towel slightly over his face, and a gun staring me dead in my face. He called me a b**** and told me to get in the back. I did just that and waited for him to leave. He had the gun pointed in my back at this point and all I could think about is my unborn child. This s*** was NOT happening right now. Once again I called the police and manager and once again nobody offered to send me home. I should’ve walked out that night because it was clear that my safety and that of my unborn child were of no concern to them.

After this robbery, they caught him. Come to find out he was an ex-employee who had got fired before I had started working there, so everyone knew who he was but me. I was the perfect target because of this. I ended up having to testify in court and wouldn’t you know, this fool had a pregnant girlfriend; how ironic. Like it’s bad enough you pull a gun a on very pregnant woman and YOU have a pregnant woman of your own?! WOW! I was speechless. That loser couldn’t even look me in the eyes; such a coward.

I went on maternity leave right afterwards and dreaded coming back, but I did for 6 months and I was out once another opportunity arose. You would think hotels were a wrap for me, but nope, I lasted another 12 years after that and luckily I NEVER had to deal with that kind of drama ever again.

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