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I've Been Robbed

So let me tell you, I loved working in hotels overall but there were moments where I was like “WTH am I doing here”. It’s like working for a bank or anywhere that has money, there’s always a possibility of being robbed and unfortunately, it happened to me twice almost 3 times. I’ll talk about the second one on another post.

I used to work mornings on the weekends at my second hotel and we had security Friday and Saturday nights. They would work from 10pm-7am. Never had any issues until this one morning, oddly enough right after security left and before housekeeping started coming to work.

I was standing behind the counter, making my boards for the housekeepers and running my reports; my money had already been counted about an hour or two prior. A gentleman walked in with a hoodie on, dressed in all black. I spoke to him and he never responded nor looked my way. He proceeded to walk behind the counter and I proceeded to walk in the back office and close the door; I could see him on the security monitor so I know when he was leaving. He went in the drawer, took the money, and left. He almost came back there with me but he quickly changed his mind (thank God) and went out the door. He didn’t get a lot of money because switching shifts, the money was already dropped; never tried to get in the safe or anything. He got maybe $200 or less.

I called the cops and my manager and let them know what happened. Police came, took a report, and left. My manager didn’t show up because on the weekends, I was the one who did the bank drops so I was manager-on-duty in the mornings. The District Manager called and checked on me and told me to let him know if I needed anything. Never once did they ask if I wanted to leave for the day. I would’ve loved to for the simple fact I still had 6 hours of my shift left and my nerves were on edge. Looking at the footage afterwards, we noticed that he had a gun sticking out of his pocket and luckily, he never pulled it out. By the way, this same person came back some time later and tried to rob me again, same time of day, but this time was unsuccessful because I had the drawer locked.

All I have to say after that first incident is beware of your surroundings at all times. All hotels have a locking system that you control and allows people in and out to your discretion. Be careful!

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