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“I’m that girl”: Sha’Carri Richardson

Sha’Carri Richardson was known as the winner of the Olympic 100 meter race and “that girl”. The crowd loved her uniqueness and grace. The crowd fell in love with her nails, her hair, and her spirit. They looked forward to seeing her in Tokyo for the Olympics. To go to the Olympic Games however you have to pass a drug test. However, her test came back positive for cannabis aka weed. If my records are correct the government made weed legal. I am not dismissing what happened but if though the government made changes the Olympics rules haven't. Sha’Carri apologized for her mistake stating she is human.

She is suspended for a month from the Olympics.

Her family and fans are hoping she still qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics.

Unless she is named on the 4 x100 meter relay team, she won’t be able to compete at all at the Tokyo Olympics. The reason why she did the cannabis because she found out her biological mother died. That was her way of coping with the pain and mental stress of losing a loved one. Oregon is one of the states that made weed legal however it is banned from the Olympics. I really hope that she is given another chance despite what happened. At the tender age of 21, she was given an opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the Olympics and win a gold medal.

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