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I Grew Up on Musicals

Out of all the musicals pictured above, I’ve seen all of them but 4. I absolutely LOVE them, maybe because I’m a singer and that was once a dream of mine. From cartoons to onscreen to stage, I just love them. Yeah, they might be a little corny to some people, but you can’t deny the engagement whenever you watch; especially Sesame Street, which is televised everyday to educate children.


Me being a mother and big kid myself, Disney has always been huge in my house. I’ve watched about 80% of the movies ever produced by them. I know a lot of the songs, front and back. My kids have worn out Frozen like there is no tomorrow. My favorites from my childhood are Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. I surprise my kids sometimes singing The Little Mermaid because they haven’t really seen it and I watched that movie on repeat growing up. They’re always in awe lol. And they keep making more and more beautiful, musically-dedicated movies, even on the Disney channel. Our new favorite is Descendants, all 3 (R.I.P. to Cameron Boyce). If you have kids and haven’t seen any of them, you should. The mini-series is all about the Disney villains kids and how they changed their evil ways embedded in them from their villain parents. They found out how true love and friendship are better then being evil and thieves.

Stage to On-Screen and Vice Versa

I love Grease, but not Grease 2; the original is always better. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John had great chemistry. The Sound of Music was long but I still managed to watch it from beginning to end; also another one of my favorites (I’m a sucka for happy endings). The Wizard of Oz will never get old. I have the dvd and still watch it whenever it comes on tv. Mary Poppins is another wonderful classic (I love Julie Andrews btw).

Black Actors on Stage and Film

Dreamgirls was supposedly a true story loosely about The Supremes but either way it’s a great movie. Beyonce’, Jennifer Hudson, and Anika Noni Rose were great together, along with Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy also. I think this movie set Anika up for her voice in The Princess and the Frog, which I adore. Sparkle is another great. Even though there are 2 versions out, the most recent being with Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks, I still like the original, which came out in 1976, better. It starred Philip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara. Another one of my favorites that is definitely based on a true story is Cadillac Records with Beyonce’ as Etta James. I’ve seen that movie so many times that it never gets old. I love, love, love that movie!

There are so many musicals or musically based movies out that I can’t keep up. They are definitely for the music and film lovers. Even if you’re not a typical fan of the genre, some of the movies out might change your mind.

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