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How to prepare for an international trip: Traveler Starter Kit

When my life seems to be predictable, I really like to shake things up. I start thinking about where I have not travel to yet or a place I wouldn't mind revisiting. To get started, I have to make sure my passport is up-to-date, I have valid ID and if I want to drive, fly, bus, or take the train. After figuring out which means of transportation, I book my destination. I then make reservations at a hotel. Next I'm preparing for the trip. Part of the preparation may include a physical and even vaccination shots, depending on where you plan to travel. As far a money, I have use travelers checks, debit cards and even traded currency for their currency. Some of the trade came out in my favor such as Fiji money being half of our value 1.00 equal .50 or less in Fiji money. While some countries like England, the pound may converted to 100 dollars American to $40 or $60 in pounds. Also make sure if your phone works if you decided to use your phone or not. I really don't know international fees. And finally bet jet lag. Studies show if you sleep one or two hours to adjust your body to the new time a few days or a week before the trip.

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