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Fast Food Workers: They Don't Deserve $15 an Hour

Let me start by saying that I have no problem with people that work in this industry. It’s an honest day’s work. However, I do have a problem with them asking for more pay without putting in the effort. Let me explain why they need to prove their worthiness of higher pay.

Customer Service

I am a HUGE advocate when it comes to customer service. I’m a believer in you get back what you dish out and if you give me attitude, you’re gonna get that in return. If you hate your job that much, then maybe you need to seek employment elsewhere. Working with the public is not everybody’s niche and that’s cool, but don’t openly show it. At least pretend to like it to make a decent wage. You are the forefront when customers arrive and the one thing they don’t want is a nasty attitude when they are hungry.

Get the Order Correct

I know that those drive-thru’s can be a pain to hear out of but that’s why they have the screens now where we can see what you’re inputting and correct you if its wrong. So how do you still manage to get it wrong? If you have to double or triple check to make sure everything’s correct, I wouldn’t mind it since I’m the one paying and having to eat the possibly wrong order.

If the things above were taken into account, then I would be all for a pay increase, but you have to show me that you deserve to be paid fairly. Bad service= no promotion or no job possibly. So think about everything you can do as a worker to strengthen your skills to be a higher paid employee

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