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Dressing up Sweats

As we ease into the Fall and Winter months here, I thought it would be a cool idea to blog how to dress up sweats! Sweats are a total go-to for me all year long, and especially in Winter. They are comfy, cozy and warm!

Sweatpants can actually be very versatile in any outfit. Sweats aren't anymore attire for going to the gym or going on a run. The new trend with sweats in to experiment and dress them up. Imagine going out on town or to work wearing sweats...and guess what; NO ONE WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between sweats and dress-up pants if you stylize your outfit the right way! You could fool the world! Watch out, step aside!

Try dressing up sweats with blazers, heels and even purses!

I personally think sweats look best high-waisted. Tuck in a silk button-down or pair with a cute crop top or bodysuit.

For classic, grey sweats, maybe try an ice-pink necklace! For black sweats, try a white crop top and a jade necklace.

Sweats these days also come in all sorts of colors and patterns...use this to your advantage! Try black blazers or coats with patterned sweats for a cleaner look. Keep in mind, you won't look classy in your outfit doesn't hit an equilibrium.

Try rolling up your sweats if you are wearing them with heels for a cleaner and more textured look.

Pair with a cute scarf and blazer!

Also try pairing with a button-up, wool, mid-thigh or mid-calf coat.

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