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Don't break up the fight

Whether a black person does anything or not, we are still target by the police. There is an unrest rising in America, because there are social injustice still rising. As much as Martin Luther King fought for civil rights and practice non-violence we are still beat down, shot or lynched. I was just looking on my Twitter account and saw another innocent person shot by the police. Jacob Black was actually doing the right thing, which was trying to break up a fight however still was considered a target was shot 7 times in the back. We are told to respect authority to respect the police but it has been too many dirty cops here killing innocent black people even white if they are protesting. By some miracle the man is still alive in critical condition. When will this end? People have been shot in their sleep, kneed to death shutting off the ability to breathe, even shot in their own apartments. Apart of me wanted to stay home but being at home is not safe anymore. No where is safe now. When will it be a day that people especially police would look at black people as people and not targets to shot at. Martin Luther King had a dream, I really thought we were living it, one day it will actually come true.

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