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Does The New Joker Film Live Up To The Hype?

Superhero movies are pervasive in Hollywood and the reaction from audiences of late is quite mixed. A lot of people enjoy the fight scenes, character development, and engaging story-lines but on the other hand it can get repetitive after awhile. Studios today have to be careful of what kind of films they are releasing, especially if they are in danger of repeating themselves. An example of driving a superhero franchise into the ground would be the Marvel Cinematic Universe which started out as promising but got stale after awhile when we started seeing similar characters and stories. There are only so many films you can make before the genre begins to wear itself out. As a movie-goer I've noticed the superhero genre has struggled to stay original.

But, because good critical reviews have been coming out for the new Joker movie I can remain optimistic about the future of comic book films. This genre may yet have some life left in it.

We should, however, get a few things straight about this new movie coming out in early October. First, it's not your traditional superhero movie because it has gotten a rare R-Rating which is unheard of in the world of comic book movies. So don't expect this to be a movie like Ironman or Superman where you can bring your children. Second, the film doesn't entirely feel like a superhero film. Critics are already drawing comparisons between this film and Martin Scorsese's work. And I believe that comparison makes a lot of sense especially since longtime Scorsese actor Robert DeNiro appears in this new film. It's not your typical superhero movie and I don't think it tries to be either.

Joaquin Phoenix is a renowned dramatic actor who is portraying the classic character of the villainous Joker this time around. Comparisons are being made between Joaquins's performance and that of the late Heath Ledger who played the role right before his passing. The Venice Film Festival has notably awarded Joker the title of Best Film for this year. And even though I don't entirely trust the Rotten Tomatoes web review site having been let down by them before, early reviews indicate this could be a blockbuster. Movie-goers should eagerly anticipate this movie since by all accounts it is one of the best superhero movies in a long time.

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