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Do Women Cook Anymore?

I love a man that can cook and cooks well, but it’s becoming more popular to have a man in the kitchen over a woman. Why are so many women not taught to cook? That’s like not knowing how to clean. Yeah it’s cliche’ for a woman to know how to cook, clean, and take care of the kids but there are a lot of men doing all the above while women sit at home chilling or being the breadwinners of the house.

Back in the day, around our grandparents and great-grandparents generation, the man would work all day and come home to a hot cooked meal, cleaned house, and if kids were involved, they would be doing homework until dinnertime. What happened to this mantra? The new generation doesn’t understand that that was an outline on how it should be. Nowadays, you have a lot of single mothers, juggling all the listed duties, or women who just didn’t/haven’t learned how to cook. But why? What’s holding you back from learning how to do something you need to survive: EAT! Yeah dining out is fine but it’s also very expensive, especially if you do it year round. You’ll save so much money if you take the time to learn to do it for yourself and a plus while dating. Men love a woman that can cook but there are far more male chefs than females.

I’m definitely a lover of cooking. I try to cook as often as I can, which is hard since I work afternoons, so I only cook on weekends. Those little minions I have love mommy’s cooking and look forward to eating, especially when I try something new. I learned a little by watching my mom and one of my good friends, but for the most part I taught myself. Following a recipe or putting 2 and 2 together is not brain surgery. A lot of men are self-taught cooks as well as learning from their mothers so that they will be self-sufficient and able to survive when they don’t have a woman in their life.

I don’t knock any man for knowing or learning how to cook, especially when boiling hot dogs can only last for so long LOL. We as women need to step back up to the plate of cooking though. Not for our men necessarily but for ourselves and our children. We need to go back to instilling values so that they are steered in the right direction. So for all my ladies, take a cooking class; you can YouTube everything, and lets get back to basics and beyond. We were born to be well-rounded.

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