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CDC Guidelines for Reopening Offices

As the country begins to reopen, the CDC is updating guidelines for businesses. Offices are advised to set up physical barriers between employees, post social distancing signs and to clean common areas.

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It is also recommended to check the building to see if it's ready for occupancy. Check ventilation systems and make sure they are running properly. Increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible and evaluate safety conditions.

Offices should "conduct a thorough hazard assessment of the workplace to identify potential workplace hazards that could increase risks for COVID-19 transmission." Where could employees have close contact with each other?

Administration should also change the way people work. Employees who have symptoms of the coronavirus or who have a sick relative at home, should notify their supervisor and stay home. Sick employees should also not return to work until they have met the criteria to discontinue home isolation.

Furthermore, even in the workplace, you should continue to wear masks, disinfect surfaces and wash your hands.

Continue to the CDC site to read more information.

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