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Dr. Susan Moore Dead After Accusing Hospital of Discrimination

In March of 2020, Tocsin Magazine published an article just weeks before African Americans began dying from COVID-19 in record numbers. Our predictions stated that death would come down to who deserves to live and who does not. We published, As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the country, many of us cannot help but wonder, who will suffer the most during this tragedy? As the faces of victims grow, so has the concern for who will be saved or who will not.

A severe need for more ventilators forced healthcare providers into overload as they searched high and low for additional PPE equipment. While placing them in a position to control the fate of thousands of people by simply deciding who will get treated and who will not. Unfortunately, the people who may be at the losing end of these decisions are Black and Brown people. America has had a long history of showing little regard for the life of Black and Brown folks, so why would that change?

Now we have learned are predictions may have been corrected. Dr. Susan Moore has died after accusing the hospital staff of discrimination. In the video, Dr. Moore complained of a physician denying she was short of breath and his hesitation to provide her with pain pills.

The heartbreaking video confirms a lack of compassion people of color are experiencing during these trying times.

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