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Bullying is Not Allowed

The other day I was browsing my LinkedIn feed and someone had posted about a bullying situation. I am 100% against it because I was bullied as a child and I know the feeling.

I can’t remember the entire conversation but it was about how sweet and kind some kids can be and that everybody is not mean, even though for the most part kids are. I believe the comes from the parents. Kids aren’t born bullies. Anyway, a little boy came home and told his mother that there was another kid at school that brought lunch-ables everyday for lunch. He proceeded to say that other kids would make fun of him because of this. So this little sweetheart asked his mom if he can have a lunch-able to take to school and sit with the little boy who was getting teased. Of course, his mother obliged. That little boy made a new friend that day.

You should never judge a book by its cover. You never know what people’s situation is outside of what you see. What if that’s all his parents could afford? What if he actually liked them enough to bring them everyday? What if he was always running late and that was the quickest thing to pick up on the way to school? What if he had a big breakfast and he didn’t want anything else heavy until dinner time? You just don’t know and it shouldn’t matter. It might not be the most nutritious meal but its better than eating flaming hot cheetos and pop everyday like a lot of kids do. I would question those kids myself.

I was teased when I was younger because of all the birthmarks I have, mainly my red hand. They said everything from “caught red-handed” to “stop sign”. I never spoke on it too much because I tried to overlook it being a child plus bullying wasn’t popular back then. Nowadays, it’s bad to the point kids are committing suicide.

Yes it made me very self-conscious and I didn’t actually start accepting my birthmarks/flaws until I hit adulthood. There were certain things I wouldn’t wear because it would show one of them or show my little pudgy stomach. Now I don’t care. I’ve learned to embrace my flaws and gifts. They make me unique and even more lovable.

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