Black Sheep: Why Are They Outsiders? Part 3

Over the years I have noticed that there is a type of black sheeping in towns. What I mean by this is it seems that you can't get a job at place unless you know the right people or if you open a new business and you go to another to introduce yourself they give you a dirty look.

Let's explore this topic a bit more. In the town where I live the people don't like change and tend to treat outsiders rudely. One example is a new bakery opened here recently and the owner went over to a local restaurant and the owners of that establishment gave her a dirty look for even stepping into it. Which in my opinion is wrong! They want more businesses here but if you are going to give new people dirty looks or sneers maybe you need to do some self reflecting of your own. I have also noticed that depending on your name and who you are almost determines how you are treated.

The town I live in is not progressive in the sense that if you are new here they don't even give you the chance to succeed here. Most new businesses don't stay here for long because no one will give them a chance. So I am going to give you a suggestion sometime this week or even this month go out and support a local small business that is new or fairly new that isn't part of a franchise. If you get the chance to meet the owners chat with them a little learn about them. Offer take a couple sample menus if available to a family member or your place of work.


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