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Athletes are people too and just performers. Should people take their mental health seriously?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Naomi Osaka had to withdraw from the French Open and Grand Slam tennis tournaments due to mental health issues. My question is should you consider this a serious illness. My answer is yes. Just like a physical disease, mental health is that your mind is sick and needs help. She is doing this for her own good. However not talking to the media is making things worse for Naomi. She was fined 15,000 fine for not doing her post-game interview after her win.

She withdrew from the French open because of the post-conference interviews she would have to attend. Naomi said,” I often felt that people had no regard to an athlete’s mental health, and this rings true whenever I see a press conference or park take in one.” The interview may cause her to doubt herself which is something she doesn’t want to do. I know most people probably think she is a bit extreme but this is her health and well-being we are talking about. She had to set her career aside and focus on herself and her health.

Many companies such as Nike, Mastercard, Sweetgreen, and Nissin Foods plus people supported Naomi’s decision to not participate in the French Open. Even though media interviews are mandatory for athletes. There is even a company called Calm that pays fines for players opting out of the Grand Slam media appearances for mental health reasons.

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