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Winner of the "The 2020 Experience 'Most Impactful' ": Unjustness

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Check out our interview with Talent & Cerious the winners of our "The 2020 Experience 'Most Impactful'." Learn more about them, their song, and watch the video below:

Tocsin: How long did it take to write Unjustness?

Talent: I wrote #Unjustness in October not sure of the date it took me 2 days to write it.

Cerious: I wrote my verses for Unjustness a little after my cousin Talent dropped the video for Injustice at the end of September, which is the prequel to the song we did together. It took me almost a week to write my verses for Unjustness. At that time the climate we were in with the craziness that was going on in this country made it perfect to do this song and I feel it's timeless.

Tocsin: How long have you been rapping?

Talent: I have been rapping since I was 8 years old.

Cerious: I started rapping in high school from watching rap battles from youtube I was 17 or 18 at the time. I always wanted to jump in the lunchroom cyphers but was always scared to get cooked, but one day just jumped in did good enough and then it just grew from there.

Tocsin: When you think of the song Unjustness what three words come to your mind?

Talent: The 3 words that come to my head when I listen to #Unjustness is power, justice, and unity.

Cerious: 3 words I think of when I hear Unjustness are: Real, Life, and Content.

Tocsin: Would you consider yourself an activist?

Talent: I'm not an activist but I stand behind my people firmly.

Cerious: I wouldn’t say I am an activist but since a kid, I knew what is right and what is wrong. I was raised with morals to stand up and say something if it isn't right.

Tocsin: If you could send a message to the loved ones of some of the victims mentioned in the song what would it be?

Talent: What I would say to the people's families is stay strong cause one day we will get justice and I stand on that 1000%.

Cerious: One thing that I would say to the loved ones and family of any of the victims, our day will come, it might not be today or tomorrow but our day will come.

Tocsin: What message would you like viewers to walk away with after watching Unjustness?

Talent: The impact I want people to have when they walk away from my song is that there are young people out here that care and will fight for their people our rights and justice.

Cerious: The message I would like people to see who view Unjustness would be one of shedding more light on a problem that has been going on for far too long. Really the song is straight to the point and passionate from two people that know the struggle of being in the skin we were born in and being where we are from.

Tocsin: What would you like to say to the people that selected your song as the most impactful?

Talent: What I would like to say to the people that chose my song as the "Most Impactful" song of the year is, thank yall so much. I am truly honored and grateful and I would love yall to tell a friend to tell a friend about this video #Unjustness.

Cerious: If I could say a few things to the people who picked us to be the "Most Impactful" would be, that I am honored that the message we portrayed in our song really hit them and left a lasting impression on them. I would really like to thank everyone involved in this for making this great platform for our city. It is a great thing I am humble and this just let me know that I was meant for this and to keep pushing to get better.

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