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Why Kimara Zuri Snipes Is the Better Choice for Change

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

by Joyce M Moore

Since the election of '45' in office, I've never been more interested in the political movement and social injustice within my community. I've lived in Omaha, NE for most of my life. I have experienced a lot of changes in the African American community. Changes like Public Housing, Financing Options, Health Care are just a few. We've had several different African American speakers and congressmen in the district over the years. In the early 1990s, things seemed to be a little more productive when it came to growth in the African American community. Nebraska is in the Midwest and what I do find in the Mid Western States racism and social injustice are at it's highest. Certain corporations played a role in the success of some individuals. Unfortunately, African Americans were at the bottom of the list. I am a prime example of those unfair practices within the corporations like Mutual of Omaha, LinkedIn, and PayPal. I often blogged about my own experiences working for companies in Omaha, Ne.

The few leaders in our community were always pushed away through whatever channels possible to get them out of the running, including attacking them through their relationships or issues which we see happen a lot in politics. There were a lot of issues in our community that impacted African Americans. Issues like getting approved for loans, better housing, higher-paying jobs, and homeownership are controlled by banks. Few African Americans have homeownership or capital or even access to banks that will approve them. Kimara grew up in our community. She had friends, family, and loved ones who experienced these same social injustices and laws that impacted the African American community. What Omaha needs is someone with a powerful enough voice and people in her team that understands how social injustice impacts African Americans at a higher rate. She is doing the groundwork in the communities to bring about this change. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimara on a social media platform. I requested a personal interview with the help of Tocsin Magazine, based in New York. Kimara's social posts on Facebook caught my attention. Kimara's positive energy prompted me to find out more about her.

Ernie Chambers served as a congressman in the 11th District in the city of Omaha, Ne from 1971 - 2013. Then from 2013 to 2020, and due to the termed restrictions, he was unable to run in 2020. He was one of the few individuals that fought for the North Omaha community. Ernie had some challenges and didn't get enough of the right support from people in our community. Ben Gray was another congressman who ran in the D2 for the City of Omaha from 2009, re-elected in 2013 and 2017. I recall him making a lot of community appearances and also having a presence on KETV 7. He was a photojournalist, which was awesome to be able to share with us about our community issues and finding resolutions. Ben also had a show called "Kaleidoscope" that aired for 30 years on KETV 7. He directly worked with at-risk youth and hard-core gang members. Some of us didn't pay enough attention or didn't have the education to understand how important it was to have a judicial system made of Democracy rule compared to GOP rule. I think we have all learned the importance of understanding these laws and how it has impacted us over the years. These laws were created to incarcerate our African American male population for nonviolent crimes. Then leaving the women left to fight and gain the strength and power to protect their families. That is why Kimara Snipes is the better choice. We are woke and ready to take action. It's a beautiful thing.

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