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Why Bloomberg is the best choice for Democrats

The Democratic primaries are fast approaching and leading the field of candidates are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and front-runner Joe Biden. There is a big problem with these candidates leading the primaries. Warren and Sanders alienate potential Democrat party donors on Wall Street and Silicon Valley because of their anti-capitalist views. Buttigieg has the respect of many but voters also think he doesn't have the experience to take on Trump and his successful economy. Front-runner Joe Biden lacks charisma and his age might be a concern in taking on Trump. The 2020 Democratic field was at one point a very crowded field, but none of them have the charisma, eloquence, and leadership skills that President Obama possessed when he unified the Democrats a decade ago. Some are now willing to make a case for Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is not a radical in the sense that Warren and Sanders are and that may turn off some primary voters and Democratic congressman who have pushed the party to the left. But his centrist message may be the party's best hope to remove Trump. Bloomberg, like Trump, is a self-made billionaire but without the emotional baggage and character flaws of Trump. Bloomberg can make a case to working-class Americans. He grew up as a middle class kid who from hard work and perseverance built a media empire and became a successful mayor of New York City. He's the best way to defeat Trump because he's a self-made American man but without the obnoxious behavior associated with Trump. While I think he'd appeal to independent and swing state voters, he may find it difficult to persuade some in his own party that he's the man most qualified to face Trump.

The Democratic party has been pushed so far to the left that many Americans don't even recognize it anymore. Perhaps with Bloomberg unifying the Party he can persuade voters that the party hasn't lost touch with American values. But its unlikely to happen and the reason is simple, the Democrat party is not the same political party it once was. Congressional and presidential candidates are no longer fighting for the American people but for ideas and policies that alienate most moderate voters. So Bloomberg may be the best choice the Democrats have at removing Trump, but I don't think the party is going to listen.

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