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Who's the boss?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

By Jesse Lopez

Why aren't we all calling a spade a spade? I mean, I was under the impression if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. So why isn't The United States of America calling our President what he is? We have all heard examples or seen his acts of predigests and quotes of bigotry ourselves. Why not call it what it is?

We will forever know of his disdain for the LGBTQ community. His reversal of their ability to protect and defend our country is now permanently embedded in history. Unfortunately, our President and his base followers cannot wrap their narrow minds around how massive our military is. They think of a historical scene of men walking with single-shot rifles with bayonets in a valley of tall grass shooting at one another when they hear the word military. Those impressive theatrical performances will forever exist in our memories. Still, the simple fact remains that this is not how we fight current wars, or how our modernized military runs. Who cares what the sexual orientation of an individual that runs our military intelligence sector is if they are extraordinary at their job.

We have somehow all stopped acting like adults who should accept one another and have turned into spoiled children not getting our way. Why do we hate each other when we are all United States citizens? Or, are we now the Divided States of America as it seems. Should we change our name to the "48 States Between Mexico and Canada"? So many other countries have a strong dislike for our country, citizens, and beliefs. The freedoms we are beholden to as US citizens are why our country is idealistically desirable and, at the same time, why other countries look down on us. That alone should unite us as "we are the people." 

They say the government works for us. We are the boss. Yet, we are continually looking to the government for guidance instead of letting it come to us and ask our needs - it is crazy. Instead, the government predicts what it thinks is best for us as their boss. Think about that. If your boss at work tells you what to do, you have to listen because they are in charge. So, if "we the people" are the bosses the government works for, why is it controlling our lives and telling us what's best for our children and us? 

To divide and conquer. That is how every great society has come into existence and eventually met its downfall. Are these not the tactics we see certain members of the Republican party using? Let me be clear, I do not believe all Republicans are bad people, and I'm not a radical left member. I am a concerned citizen, one that feels strongly against the current administration's choices. I know that these diehard Trump supporters are the last of a dying breed. You can see it in their behavior, like a stray dog backed into a corner in fear of being trapped by the dog catcher. Only in this case, the dog catcher isn't someone trying to harm you; it's another US citizen asking for acceptance. By keeping less educated US citizens in fear of falsehoods and boogiemen in dark clothing, Mr. Trump believes he will keep his seat as President of The United States of America.

The traits traditionally viewed as masculine in Western cultures like strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness are today called "Machismo." This old ideology taught people to tell each other to "act like a man" or "man up" when a male was acting sensitive or un-masculine. According to "Men's Health Magazine," there are "twenty qualities of a good man." These traits include ambition, integrity, pride, honor, competitive nature, and a sense of adventure. I was under the impression that Mr. Trump was supposed to be a MAN's MAN, which means he would have qualities admired for traditionally masculine interests and activities. Our President does not possess one of these traits. 

How can a real man back someone so scummy and, for lack of a better word, TRASHY? How can any man who supports this President teach their son to act like this President and expect them not to be hated? Mr. Trump is the opposite of a real man. He is a con who attacks those who stand up to him and whines like a little bitch to his base so they can attack his opponents over the internet. He has Fox News brainwashing idiots with conspiracy theories. These low IQ foot soldiers make false death threats and troll in angry mobs. 

No real man of history has claimed to be better than all his predecessors. Predecessors who more than likely paid their debts. They did not all file for bankruptcy (although Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, and honest Abe did). They did not all need soulless money-hungry news anchors lying and arguing night and day for their benefit. They did not have a Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Stephanie Grisham (who was she?), or Kayleigh McEnany to tell the press they didn't say something that was caught on the record. They had no Kelly Ann Conway to spin a web of alternative facts (lies) while begging for sympathy for this "MAN's MAN" whose feelings get hurt daily. 

How is anything Mr. Trump has done considered manly? I guess some people think sexually assaulting women is manly. Or cheating on your pregnant wife (or all three wives) is manly. Or having your daughter dress sexy in tight-fitting clothes without a bra or panties to help company sales is manly. Maybe being manly is failing every day and then lying about your failures, and I have been the one who is wrong this whole time. Like the time he shut down the government from December 22nd, 2018 to January 25th, 2019, making it the most extended government shut down in our country's history. Or the time he asked the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate Hunter Biden, later getting Mr. Trump impeached by the House of Representatives. Maybe he is manly, or perhaps he is just rich white trash.

Every time I look at Mr. Trump or hear his voice, I know it's not all his fault. He is in office because someone you know voted for him, or maybe you did. Take a look at our economy, the unemployment rate, the crumbling small business sector, and how many United States citizens have died from this current pandemic. I think we can agree that he has done a poor job of protecting you and your family. 

Mr. Trump is no longer a human. He's become an idea, the idea that white privilege is under attack. That the "white America" Eminem raps about is real and being threatened by dark-skinned people. He has become a white privilege and supremacy product, living in fear for all our eyes to see. For the record, fear and being afraid are not traits I found while researching a good man's characteristics. So, I'm baffled by how many supposed manly men back this joke of a character. 

They should just come out and say what they and their President (I know, he is President to us all) are. Since no one else will say it in the media, let me voice the truth about what Mr. Trump has shown you and me about who he is. Donald J. Trump is prejudiced. He is prejudiced against any person of color unless they are merely a prop to make him look better, like HUD Secretary Ben Carson or Lynne Patton. Mr. Trump is not a smart man and is not a genius. He is a scared man-child, disloyal, bigot, liar, and a cheat, who talks about loyalty, yet has been married three times (two ending in divorce), creating offspring with all three wives. He is as unfaithful to each of us, and his oath of office, as he was to his wives and their marriage vows. 

It honestly feels like this is the downfall of the old great white United States of America. I hope we see the new United States of America take its place. The new United States is ready to protect one another in solidarity. I want you to know that I love you as a fellow member of the human race, regardless of skin color, religion, income bracket, or sexual orientation. We are all one people, and we are the boss. 

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