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Who's Going To Protect Our Black Community?

by Joyce M Moore

We know that there has been a lot of heat about Black Lives Matter and Protesting among the community. It seems it's a joke and only results in arrests and felonies for the protestors. We do appreciate the protestors and all they do, but there needs to be more we are missing some important parts. Everyone has a purpose, we have prayer warriors, we have the protestors and then we have our army. When we think about the Civil War and the World Wars we can agree that it was to protect our civil rights. What happens when the government is neglecting its community? What happens when the police force has corrupt officers from within? How do we protect our families and loved ones from fear of getting stopped and arrested for no reason? There are some alternatives, there are several groups that have formed to protect our Black and Brown people. One of the most popular groups of people that are working towards protecting the black community and police violence is the group called N.F.A.C. it was formed by a rapper back in the day Grand Master Jay. He has made remarkable strides in getting police and supremacist groups to back down.

The group has grown in numbers within the last year. The recruiting process is simple. Come armed and ready to protect. The aim is not to create havoc such as the police group in Nigeria has been reported but to be a shield in the protection of our people. Having someone else to call that has your back instead of the police department will create a lot of diverse reactions and some will say it is another racial targeted group, you decide.

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