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Where to Buy a Face Mask

When going out in public, it's recommended that you wear a face mask. You should wear one. I wear my face mask when going on a walk around my own neighborhood. But where to get one?

Fashion designers and apparel companies are making masks for general use. Of course, they are in high demand right now, so it takes a bit before it arrives. You can order one from Apolis, Birdwell, Buck Mason, Custom Ink, Etsy, and more.

Some of these mask are pretty expensive, too. If you're tight on money, chances are someone in your area could be making masks and selling them for only five dollars.

There's also plenty of DIY videos on YouTube to make one yourself!

You can also just wear a bandana or one of those multi-purpose face masks that were all the craze not too long ago. I prefer those over regular face masks, because the bands hurt my ears.

Photo Credit: Madyson Bracken

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