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What you talking about, Chief😳

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On Sunday, September 6, Mayor Lovely Warren and Chief La’Ron Singletary held a news conference to clear the air. The two tried to present the appearance of a united front, but their body language looked more like a couple headed for divorce.

The pair stated they were not planning on resigning, as reporters bombarded them with tough questions neither answered clearly. At one point, Warren tried to back paddle on previous comments that she was misled by Singletary. Warren stated, "He did everything he was supposed to do."

The chief, who looked visibly frustrated, as he stumbled over his words claimed he gave the mayor “factual information”. A reporter asked Singletary if he did not disclose to Warren that the medical examiner listed Prude’s death as a homicide in April. Singletary responded, “The mayor said she did not.”

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