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What will Schiff and Pelosi do next?

As the Impeachment trial winds down it becomes increasingly clear how hyper-partisan it is. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler say they are doing a service for the American people by launching an impeachment inquiry against the sitting President. But most people, even those who despise Trump, can tell that these congress people have other motives for wanting to take down Trump. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler claim that they are upholding the law but in actuality they seem to have a desire to undo an election and enhance their own power in Washington. Their actions undermine the people's right to decide leadership via the ballot box. The United States was founded as a representative republic and a partisan impeachment process undermines the people's right to choose.

Many of the Democrat's arguments and talking points center on what's constitutionally right and that the Founding Fathers would've wanted this inquiry to happen. But the Founding Fathers discouraged partisan bickering and division between sides that is clearly being seen with this impeachment inquiry. Some have said that Trump is the worst of the forty-five presidents, but unlike Nixon, Clinton, and Andrew Johnson, Trump never violated the law. So in that respect he is not the worst of the forty-five Presidents to hold office.

My advice to the Democrats is to focus on making a cogent argument on why your policies would boost the economy and help create more jobs here as opposed to shipping them off overseas. America's primary issue is not impeachment, not climate change, or even healthcare. It's about having a decent enough job to thrive in an economy that benefits them.

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