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What is a Superhero?

A superhero does not go on television, or become famous. A superhero helps the poor, gets jobs for others, helps someone who lost win. The superhero fights anyone who hurts someone, that they do not even know. Are you a superhero?

Would you go crazy if you call me a superhero?

So many people fail to recognize the true hero's of our time. The hero's who do not film you while getting hurt. The ones that protect you when you are sick. The ones that do not bully you with words. The ones who stand by you no matter what. The ones that would help you with anything. So many people call themselves a name from a fictional character in a movie or book. But the true hero's are the ones who do not use words to define how to help a person with anything they ask for. In kindness, and respect.

Superhero's are not mean people. They do not judge you based on what you do, who you are, where you come from, and how you are. They make decisions to help you, with whatever measures it is. They stick up for you, they put themselves out, even if they get hurt, for you. They are nice, caring, and a lot of people want to be them, so they attack them. Anyone really can be a superhero. You just have to be good, and caring about others. If you call yourself a fictional character, then you are not meant to reach your full potential of yourself, the you that people want to get saved by.

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