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What Death Becomes

There is death, the end, where do we go, what do we do, what really happens to us? Do we suffer in death? Do we die knowing that we are going to see darkness?

So Much Beauty, and Love!

Death is that we all have souls, contained in our skeleton, and flesh. Our bones hold our soul from flying away into the beyond, heaven/hell, other worlds, and galaxies. Look at the pigment of black in your eye. Is that a part of space? Are the Doctors lying to you? There is way too much love in the world, and how did we get that? There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell. Heaven is a beautiful place, like every drug imagined , without any pain, everything you need, and desire. When you go to Heaven all your fears go away. Hell on the other hand is like getting off heroin, being an innocent child, watching your parents, and your babies getting brutally murdered in front of you. Hell is a hospital prison, worse than the ones we have on Earth.

Scientists will say this,and that, but they fail to realize they are not smart spiritually. They have no faith in God, Demons, Heaven, or Hell. It takes a lot of faith to recognize spirituality. And they just want to be smart in it. They fail each time, because they are only looking for evidence, and evidence cannot be reached for evidence. You have to not do that to see the real spiritual world.

Death is painful, but Angels are with you telling you, your going to be fine, and comforting you. If it is an accident, or murder, sometimes they do not know to fly down, and save you, because you died so fast already. Sometimes death is not painful at all, and you get saved right away, and be taken to Heaven. Hell on they other hand is painful. Hell they want anyone, and everyone. Be good, and at peace!

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