What About School?

With the outbreak of Coronavirus feverishly spreading, several weeks ago schools, colleges, and universities alike took the initiative to move education online. While it is not the most ideal situation, there have been many methods of approach to the situation. Some teachers are offering extra help and extra available hours to further tutor students. Students who do not have access to internet have are still able to receive their school work through the mail. Colleges and Universities are implementing the P/F (pass/fail) grading system for many classes, and much more. There are many things you can do at home for your children who may be struggling with the conversion to online schooling:

-Offer a structured schedule. Children often work better when there is a scheduled time for school, breaks, chores, meals, and playtime--this way they know how long they must work on one activity.

-Study up on your elementary schooling. Many students struggle with schooling and teachers are not able to fulfill every students' needs in such a far distance. As a parent or caregiver, your student would greatly benefit from your assistance.

-Make school fun for your student. The best way to learn is when you are also having fun. Studies have shown that when the learning activities are more enjoyable, the student is willing and able to learn and remember more.

-Allow time for mental breaks. Having mental breaks is very important to mental health for people of all ages.

-If your student is greatly struggling, contact your teacher. You may be able to work a compromise or a system that works better for your students.

-Remember, every student learns differently--whether it be visual, hands-on, auditory, etc.

There are many things we can do to support our students in this very overwhelming environment.

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