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Washed Out!

Some people, if not everyone gets treated unfairly, and disregarded. Like they are in a viscous cycle of abuse, and are thrown out. They get washed out!

Getting Washed Outta Here?

When we are in the cycle of being treated bad, they wash us, and spit us out. Then when we are doing better, they come back to wash us again. Meaning they like to torment us in any way possible. Just so they can have their say. So they can do what they want to us, while we sit back, and take their abuse. We refuse their abuse once they do it, then they have someone else do it to us, like their friends!

As for the people that get treated badly, what do we have say on what their doing to us? Huh? Nothing we sit back, and feel those sick feelings, come back, and their still in our faces to treat us badly. It is not fair to the person who has helped others, and has a good heart. It is not fair to anyone period. They will tear you to pieces if you do not let them hurt you, that is their idea. Getting treated unfairly is a punishment way past its due date for so called rotten. It is rough out there in the real world, you just have to stay good, be firm, strong, and say forget them!

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