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Warren Claims Innocence, Barnhart Suggest More Charges Coming?!

Mayor Lovely Warren is having a hell of a year and it is about to get worse. The nightmare started six months after the police involved murder and coverup of Daniel Prude. Followed by the entire RPD command staff retiring or stepping down. Now, she is possibly facing prison time over her 2017 re-election campaign finances and could be facing future charges, according to Rachel Barnhart. However, Warren wants the public to know, she is not going down without a fight. The mayor claimed she is innocent during an appearance at First Church of God on Monday.

On October 5, Warren was arraigned on two Class E felonies after a grand jury indicted her for allegations of finance violations. The indictment stemmed from her 2017 re-election campaign. According to, 2017 expenditures of Warren’s political action committee, Warren for a Stronger Rochester PAC, $30,000 was transferred from the PAC to her committee, Friends of Lovely Warren.New York State has strict rules forbidding PACs and committees from coordinating. Warren’s campaign claims the money was earmarked for Friends of Lovely Warren, but was accidentally placed in the PAC account through a “PayPal error,” or a clerical mistake.

If convicted, Warren could face a year or more in state prison, probation, or restitution.

Warren's appearance was orchestrated by Rev. Lewis Stewart to field questions from members of the community, activists and UCLM. The mayor was tight lipped on her legal troubles, but did confirm Rachel Barnhart's “role” in her investigation and that she did not know if Barnhart was ever investigated for the complaint filed by James Sheppard. In 2017, Sheppard alleged an illegal donation was made on behalf of Robert Scott Gaddy. Weeks ago, Gaddy pleaded guilty to theft of government money. Federal officials allegedly began investigating Barnhart's donor in 2017, during the time of his donation. We reached out to Barnhart for a response to her connection to Robert Scott Gaddy and our editorial she claimed was “filled with lies”. I spoke with a woman who claimed to be Barnhart. This woman advised me that she would answer any questions we had via email. However, after receiving our list of concerns ranging from her belief of “white privilege”, systemic racism, and her “relationship” with Gaddy, she sent the following statement:

“It’s my understanding this is an ongoing investigation into Lovely Warren. The potential exists for me to appear as a witness for things my organization uncovered regarding corruption in her administration. Therefore, I cannot participate in this exercise.”

Was this Barnhart’s way of getting the word out that the mayor is facing additional charges? Does Barnhart have inside knowledge of pending charges? We could not confirm any future charges. But, during Sandra Doorley news conference, statements were made about an ongoing investigation.

Unfortunately, this "witch hunt" is looking a lot more like a lynching. And we all know when those white folks come for you, they won't stop.

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