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Wake Up, 'Merica!

Closed doors. Leaking select tidbits of information. Is this how we run our government now? Is this the transparency we've come to accept as the new normal?

I fear current proceedings malign this poor creature. It's much nicer than the debacle in Washington we see today.

Representative Steve Watkins is a rare breed. He is a Republican who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, and he's privy to the closed door hearings. His take: "Everything you know about the latest from the investigations in the House impeachment inquiry comes from one source: Schiff." (KC Star 10/30) I find this more alarming than President Trump's breach of etiquette.

The stranglehold on information gets even more damning. "Even though I'm one of the select few allowed to participate, I cannot even review the transcripts of the testimonies without a Democratic staffer standing over my shoulder." Wow. Double wow. What is it we're not being allowed to see? Like it or not, it's a fair question.

People, this is politics in the 21st century. It's mean-spirited. It's manipulative. It's wrong. This is no longer a referendum on Donald Trump. It's a referendum on all who bear the stigma of leadership in Washington. I know it's run by so-called Democrats, but these DemoNazis are not censured by their party. All real Democrats are therefore complicit in the misuse of power the DemoNazis perpetrate as they claim to examine another misuse of power. It's all a misuse of power. The secret chambers are sadly reminiscent of another secret rise to power of socialism and the resulting Nazi grip on Germany. I pray we are not destined to follow suit. Wake up 'Merica. It's here.

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