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Vincent Felder, Rachel Barnhart, Others Fight Over Money & "Illegal" Vote? **Video**

On October 13, Monroe County Legislature held a meeting that sounded more like a street fight over Zoom. Things went left when “former” Minority Leader Vincent Felder called out the administration for conducting an “illegal” vote to remove him as Minority Leader. The administration then reduced his pay without proper authorization. Felder, who claimed his removal was racially motivated, argued that the administration has zero authority over the legislature and demanded the return of his money. That's when Rachel Barnhart, interrupted by yelling, “It’s not your money…”. President Joe Carbone asked under what authority the administration or Human Resources had to reduce Felder’s pay. Later, it was revealed proper voting did not take place and his pay reduction was unauthorized. By the end of the meeting, President Carbone confirmed Felder as the Minority Leader. Watched the video, then tell us what you think?

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