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Vice President Beatriz LeBron skips racial-bias training triggered by White employees?

Is the Board of Education discriminating against White district employees? On January 3, the Board of Education held an Organizational Meeting to vote for the president and vice president of the RCSD school board. During that meeting, Commissioner Willa Powell delivered a laundry list of complaints against newly named Vice President Beatriz LeBron. Powell's statement included her belief that LeBron was unqualified to serve as its vice president and LeBron's refusal to participate in the racial-bias training. Now, we are learning more regarding why LeBron is refusing to participate in the racial-bias training.

According to a source, State-monitor Shelley Jallow will reprimand the vice president for skipping another racial-bias training. Our source stated that East High School held a Retreat for the racial-bias training, but LeBron was a no-call-no-show. The controversial board member's refusal to participate in the racial-bias training allegedly stems from White counterparts complaining of discrimination. The source claimed the discrimination complaints from White district employees triggered the racial-bias training.

Along with discrimination claims, district employees levied other complaints against the RCSD school board and other high-ranking district employees. Tocsin Magazine received complaints of a hostile work environment, retaliation against teachers and administrators who complain, the district monitoring employees' social media accounts, Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small lying about COVID-19 infection rates, and lower-level staff being reprimanded for speaking directly to school board members.

We reached out to a district employee but did not receive a response.


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