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Under The Table

Storms, our world is shaken, hit, damaged by an interrupted violent weather pattern. It makes everyone realize that we are not safe, we are in great danger. Whether we are relaxing, or on the run. Are we truly ready for the ferocious blows of the Earth getting to us. As it tries to kill us.

Watch Out!

Sometimes we are prepared for disasters, and have all the supplies. But when you see everything gone, disappeared into nothing. We second guess ourselves. We are running away from a sickness from Earth. A tragedy of something that invades your whole life. When we see everything demolished, we are hurting. All our stuff is gone, forever. And we can never replace the memories, or the the life we once had. Storms can destroy the world if it wanted to. It can erase a city, state, or country.

Radios, extra food supplies, tons of water, extra clothing, emergency blankets, tools, weapons, first aid kit, food for your animals, and their supplies too. You do not know how long you are going to be without power, a generator can be used to back it up. So you have to keep listening to the radio to see if, and when things are going to be alright, or at least better. The greater a chance for survival is if you have all the necessary supplies, and know what is going on. Knowing where everything is, and where to go when this storm happens is a chance of survival too. Stay educated in storms, of what they are, and what they can do. Because Earth has a dismantle way of showing it, sometimes.

My Home is Gone!

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